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Every day tens of thousands of important and valuable items are misplaced at airports, hotels, trains, taxis and other public places. Most of these are never returned to their owners because linking a found item to the owner is just too difficult.


Okoban creates a link between owners and their property, assigning unique codes to any item that needs to be protected from accidental loss. The system is part of the largest network of Lost and Found offices in the world in more than 2200 airports. Your chances being reunited with lost property are significantly improved when using OKOBAN.



The system needs to know how to get in touch with you quickly when one of your registered items is found. The default contact method is by email. You can choose more than one email; for example work and home. You will get alert messages at each of the email addresses you add.

You may also add a phone number that is capable of receiving SMS (Short Message Service) or text messages. An alert message will be sent at the same time to your email address and to your mobile phone.

Note for users of Japanese Mobile phones: SMS or text messages cannot be sent to subscribers of Japanese mobile phones. Please add the email address of your phone to your Contact Preferences to receive these messages by mobile phone.

Registering a UID